The $6400 Decision That Saved This Business

Create work that is worth paying for

It’s easy to expect people to pay you for what you produce but if you produce sub-par news, media, products or services then it’s very unlikely people will pay you. So focus first on creating an incredible product.

Use data to help you with your decisions

The best decisions are a combination of data, insights and gut. Relying purely on any one variable is dangerous.

The importance of a clear and consistent mission and vision

For 13 years, the mission and vision for The Daily Maverick have not changed. They set out with clear intentions and didn’t change these intentions with the weather. Regardless of how difficult it was or which direction investors, customers, sponsors, advertisers, politicians or business people wanted them to move into, they stayed the course and it paid off.

Personal development counts

The best founders are doing the work on themselves while they are working on and in their own businesses. It’s imperative for founders to evolve as their businesses evolve and that requires a lot of hard, personal work on yourself.

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